Nuturing Excellence in Young Minds

About Us

EduContests is a volunteer-driven, non-profit, 501c (3) organization based in Southern New Jersey with a goal to serve needy and deserving students worldwide through educational activities for local students.


Our Vision

Our vision is that young minds from South Jersey gain a stage to showcase their talents and be provided all the help possible to realize their potential and, in doing so, create a hub of excellence in South Jersey attractive to other regions near and far.learn-1996845_1920

Our Mission

  • To open a range of opportunities for the students of South Jersey – both academic and non-academic through competitions, coaching and other events
  • To foster young minds to develop into scholarly leaders for the future
  • To associate with organizations which empower us in accomplishing this mission



The core volunteer group is based in Southern New Jersey. We always welcome new volunteers who are interested in furthering the cause of Education for those in need.